Still a shadow

"Just think of your friends! Think of Nathan, Leigh and Flamara, think of me! We're all with you Jyll, we can help! Don't let the Shadows win. Fight back!"

The words rang through her mind, over and over agian. I'm trying! Jyll thought.

The shadow ingulfing her seemed to be bulding a wall against her feelings, her memory. It wasn't about to let go.

Attack! Attack! It pressured Jyll, harder and harder with each time she tried to fight it.

She wasn't about to hurt her friends. Suddenly, she had an idea.

If she was uncontious, she couldn't hurt anyone. She began to fight the shadow even harder, so hard she slowly became uncontious, collasping onto the floor.

She was still a shadow, but she wasn't hurting anyone.

The End

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