The Creator

Elric's eyes cracked open slowly. Leigh's words had stunned him into silence. From there, he'd started thinking. And apparently, at some point, thinking had given way to dreaming. He couldn't quite recall what the dream had been about, but the cold sweat on his forehead and the way his heart was still racing told him it hadn't been anything pleasant.

He surveyed the room around him. He didn't really know any of these people. He recognized two of them, but couldn't even remember their names. So where did that leave him? He was stuck in a house where you could get anything you wanted, but could never leave. There were more friendly people around him then he'd normally see in a year, yet he hadn't spoken more than a dozen words to any of them. Corby...

He clenched his fists. Corby left him here because he'd yelled at here. He'd told her to leave. What had his exact words been? He tried with all his power, but his memory was still too fuzzy.

The temperature in the room suddenly dropped a few degrees. The fire that had been burning since he'd first arrived, that had given warmth and light to all who sat around it, went out. Elric waved a hand in front of his face, but saw nothing. It was absolutely pitch black. As he looked around at where some of the windows should have been, he couldn't see anything. The curtains must be drawn.

He was about to stand, about to feel his way across the room to where he knew one window was and pull open the blinds to let the faint moonlight inside, when a voice spoke to him.

"Elric Chandler, " the voice called. It seemed to originate from every direction, reverberating through the walls, it's rasping voice sinking into his bones. "I have a proposition for you."

Elric didn't so much as move a muscle. More things had tried to kill him in this house then even in his ordinary life, which said quite allot. The voice, however, continued on.

"I know what it is you seek. You want to escape this house. You want to find the ones you care about. You want the power to help them."

By this point, Elric's throat had started to tighten, his hands clenched so hard his fingernails were digging into his skin. At the same time, this voice was right. He wanted out, and the sooner the better. He wanted to see his father again. And Simmons. And he wanted to keep searching for his mother, wherever or whoever she was. He wanted to bring her home, have a family. He wanted to find Corby, try and explain to her. He'd give anything for that.

"All I need is your cooperation, " the voice continued. "If I am to help you escape and fulfill your dreams, you must help me deal with a problem of my own."

Before Elric could even stop the words coming out, he asked "What would you have me do?"

"I have enemies, child. Enemies that, if they succeed, would stop anyone from ever leaving the hideout again. I have tried speaking with them, but they all decided to hate me before ever hearing a word I said. You know the feeling, don't you? People making up their minds about you before ever even meeting you. People who refuse to listen to what you have to say, even if it's for their own good, just because you're a little different. You know these kinds of people, don't you my boy?"

He nodded stiffly. Those kinds of people were the bane of his existence. Though, one question nagged at the back of his mind. "If you're powerful enough to help me escape the house and...", his voice broke. Something in the back of his mind told him not to trust this thing, very insistently. But, if it could help him find his mom, find Corby, and just explain to her... He continued on, mentally shaking his head. "And the other things you said, why can't you get rid of your enemies yourself? I certainly wouldn't be of any help against enemies that strong."

The voice laughed. It was a warm, deep laugh, in stark contrast to the echoing rasp of its speech. "I can grant others strength, but not myself. It's like a curse, really. But that doesn't matter. For now, all that matters is you."

A pinpoint of gold appeared in front of him. Then another just above it. Little dots of gold started popping into existence, forming an ark through the air right in front of him. It wasn't until a solid gold ellipse stood in front of him, that he realized it was more then just a shape. It was a door.

"Enter, and I can grant you the power you need. I can grant you whatever you want. You've already seen some of my powers first hand. Objects appearing and disappearing in thin air. Knowledge of any subject you want, simply told to you. Living machines that can read minds. I made it all."

The door inched open, familiar gold mist swirling around his ankles. "You're the mist from the room upstairs, aren't you?" he asked the swirling gold that floated through the endless blackness.

The voice laughed again. "No, Elric. I created this house and everything in it. You may call me Avak."

The moment Elric decided he would enter the door the gold light shot forward, engulfed him, and disappeared with him into the same nothingness it had appeared from.

The End

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