Fight Back!

Ara darted out of the way of Jyll's attacks, trying to dodge her whilst still bringing down any other Shadows that came too close. His thoughts whirled, how had this happened? Surely the fire would have stopped this from happening again?

Perhaps the Shadow that still remained inside Jyll had developed some sort of immunity. An immunity that also controlled her actions, for he knew she wouldn't attack him like this of her own will.

His instincts told him to fight back, to shred the insolent little Shadow where it stood and kill it for the monster it was, but Ara forced it back. This wasn't a Shadow, it was Jyll. The same Jyll that had relied on him from protection from the Armless when it stole her fingers, the same one that had tackle-hugged him when he returned to the Hideout. The same one who had remembered who he was, even though he had been gone.

Ara couldn't hurt her. He just couldn't.

Dodging Jyll's attack again, the Halfborn called to her desperately:

"Jyll! Stop this, please, stop! You're stronger than this, you can beat it! Use your fire magic!"

Jyll shook her head sadly and lunged again, Ara sidestepped just in time and called again,

"Just think of your friends! Think of Nathan, Leigh and Flamara, think of me! We're all with you Jyll, we can help! Don't let the Shadows win. Fight back!"

The End

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