Shadow again

Jyll sat by nathen, trying to get him to wake up. He had to wake up.

Jyll thought back to her old story. Her mom didn't wake up.

With a tear going down her cheek, Jyll kept telling Nathan to wake up.

Wake up.

A slight sensation began to spread over her. At first, she hadn't noticed it  Then it was stronger.

She looked at her hair. The small bit of shadow was spreading. Jyll was turning back into a shadow.

Kate looked up at her and screamed as jyll transformed. Jyll left nathan and kate and ran to a room with the ashes of mirrors. Flamara was on the floor, and the rest were fighting off shadows.

Fight the halfling.  Something whisperd. Jyll did not want to fight her Beba. But she couldn't stop.

She began to attack Ara. He fought back, then stoped suddenly, suprised when he realised it was Jyll.

"What-" Ara said

Jyll could feel fire trying to change her back. It wasn't going to work this time. She was immune.

"I'm sorry." Jyll tryed to say as she attacked Ara again

She just couldn't stop.

The End

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