Over My Cold Dead Corpse!

The scream in Ara's mind was at such an intensity he could scarcely bear to hear it. For one moment all he did was jam his hands over his ears and wait for the shrieking, and the horrific reek of evil that accompanied it, to stop. But when the scream finally did stop, he gave a cry of his own and tore off along the passages, unsheating his heel-spikes, claws and various other sharp-edged articles as he went.

Shadows. The same ones that had tried to kill them before. He would have known thier scent anywhere.

And now they had Flamara.

Fury leant speed to the Halfborn and he soon found himself in the remains of a mirror room. Raven was already there, fighting off Shadows and trying to reach Flamara on the other side of the room. Ara unfurled his wings and took to the air, emitting a terrifying battle-cry as he went, sending Shadows screeching to their deaths as he tore at them with all his might.

Oh no you damned well don't! You didn't win before and you certainly won't now! No matter how long I'm gone for I still know how to eliminate you! Forget your hand Jahat, this time I'll rip your head off!

You'll touch her over my cold dead corpse!

The End

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