Till The End

I yelped when Kate practically yanked my arm out of its socket to show me Nathen. Then I gave a small sceam. Kate and Raven started to try and heal him. I dropped to my knees. I knelt right by Nathen's side, and took his hand. "Not again. Please Nathen, not again. We only just go you back." I said, then I began to sob.

"D-don't leave me again, N-Nathen, ple-e-ese." I cried softly, holding his limp hand to my hand, feeling the slight heat of life in him. I looked, up, then round, then behind, he over a few heads. Ara had gone. I cried even more. No one to confort me...apart from...

"Flamara, he can't leave! Nathen, wake up! Wake up!" cried litle Jyll in her speak bubble, clutching Nahen's shirt. Ivory padded over, and growled. She rubbed her furry cheek over mine in a comforting sort of way. "Don't worry. Master is strong. He'll be fine. You've saved his twice now!" she said in my head.

I watched Jyll take Nathen's hand from my own, and hold it in both her little hands. She scrunched up her face in determination. Then, a little joyous triunphant laughter came to my head. "Nathen, wake up, you lazy man, wake up!" came a little voice. Jyll kept her eyes closed, and she was shaking Nathen's hand gently.

I stood, glanced round, then left the room. I went up the stairs, along corridors. I then realized I was lost. Then, an odour hit my nose, so strong, so bitter....so familiar. In a small corner, a black shape was huddled. It was the last one. The last Shadow. I gulped. "Shadow! Look! Look at me! Who are you?" I said softly. It's head snapped up. I almost screamed. How was he alive? It was Jahat. He stood, walking towards me. I walked forward, and elbowed him into an empty room, and locked the door with him inside. I had known it was him since he still had a stump insead of a hand where Ara had cut it off.

The, I jogged down a fligh of steps, and into a room. I let out a cry. I was terrified. It ws mirrors everywhere, all angled differenly, like a maze. I bumped my way along, terrified. I stopped, heart beating fast. I leaned on a mirror. Then, a movement. Don't be silly, it's a reflection. Then, a moemment that was't mine.

Hands grabbed me from behind and dragged me along. I began screaming, but the person had a hand over my mouth, and one pinning my arms. I tried kicking, but felt myself emoblized. The hands threw me down. I realized I was in he middle of the Mirror Maze. Then, footsteps came running. Aarn came into view. He ran, dropping down. I couldn't move my right arm, but that was it. Aarn pulled me into his lap, not bothering to move. I hadn't seen him in ages. Why?

"Shh, I'm here. It's fine.." he muttered. He lifed me of him, and whispered, "I'll be bck. Stay here. I'm going to get help.", then he ran off! I laid down in a ball, dreading. I noticed the cloak that the house had given me was a little bit away. I grabbed it, wrapping it round myself. I felt cold hands grip round my body. I sccreamed. The hand tied sometthing over my mouth, and dragged me again, through the maze. I screamed in my head.

"ARA! NATHEN! IVORY! HELP ME! HELP! I'M IN THE MIRROR MAZE! HELP MEEEE!!"  I yelled. A hand came to my face, holding my nose. I passed out in a few seconds, thinking to myself, 'Nathen, Ara, Jyll the others and I are gonna be togeher till the end....' 

The End

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