Amidst a sea of panic, Ara's senses recieved a painful jolt. Yelping at the pain, he stood stock still beside Flamara, ears bolt upright and rigid, eyes darting left and right and searching desperately for the source of the strangeness.

It was the same one he'd felt before, he was sure of it. Only now it was clearer, much clearer. And now it's foulness was as clear as daylight, the sheer evil stung and made Ara's eyes water. It left no scent to follow, but it was there. A malevolent presence, darker than any Ara had ever encountered, lurking somewhere in the corners of the house.

Ara shuddered, he could almost hear it laughing. Moving away from the others, Ara slipped off through the passages of the house, trying to hunt out the source of the smell, leaving his friends behind him. They didn't notice him go, not even Flamara, for they were all too preoccupied with what had happened to Nathan. Ara felt he should have stayed with him, but knew there was nothing he could have done. The best he could do was scour the house and try to find whatever had done this.

And pray it didn't turn on him next...

The End

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