Raven: My fallen angel senses are tingling!

We were all in the fort, except for Nathen that is, he left. We were expecting him back when all the sudden I got a funny feeling. I turned to Kate and whispered.

"Did you feel that?"

She nodded and I suddenly felt worried. What exactly did I feel. I began to think, and meditate. Then, the answer came, suddenly, in my head. My eyes widened slightly at the realization that Nathen was injured or paralyzed.

"Is something wrong?" Flamara asked with an almost flutey voice.

"I'm not sure, I just need to check something."

I then crawled out of the fort.

"I'm going with him."

Kate then followed me. We both went to the stairs and saw at the bottom the mutilated body of Nathen, though still alive.


Kate screamed, alerting the others.

"It's Nathen, guys you have to help!" Leaving to time for explanations I quickly turned to Kate. "Heal him!"

She did, she almost flew down the stairs and began reciting encantations over his body, trying to reverse the process. It wasn't working. I followed, jumping the whole flight of stairs, allowing my wings to be used for gliding. I was right beside Nathen. I then placed my hands upon him and then began calling upon the powers of heaven to heal.

When Flamara, Ara, Jyll and the others came out they began to scream. With noone knowing what to do, Kate and I continued the healing.

God, please, let him live, let him live!

The End

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