Strings Attached?

Nathan sat, right in the middle between Raven and Kate, and Flamara and Ara, but with no match for himself.  This felt extreamly akward and uncomfertable.  He got up out of the blanket fort, feeling somewhat childish, and into the kitchen, still black from the explosion.

He sighed.  Sadly, after he left and had come back, he felt forein.  He didn't even know how long it'd been. 

As he walked around a slow, gradual pain began to build in his arm.  Finally he could not walk any more.  He sat and examined it.  His face filled with shock as he picked at one of his fingernails and it came right off of his thumb.

He covered his mouth with his other hand as if not to scream, which he obviously couldn't do, when he saw his hand slowly turned balck as if it was burnt.

The same voice he'd heard in the white room suddenly boomed in his head, laughing and chuckeling.

I didn't know that there were strings attached! Nathan yelled in his head back to the . . . the monster.

The voice mearly laughed some more as Nathan was suddenly paralised.  He fell over onto the ground, his body limp, unable to move.

The End

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