My Silly Halfling...

I giggled at Ara as his hand went through the blankets and floor. Everyone grinned at Ara, and began their conversations again. I reached in, and carfully took his hand, helping him free himself. "Silly Halfbreed. But them again, you are Ara. Oh well. At least you're my silly Halfling." I giggled, and kissed him lightly. He gave a little grin.

"I bet you, someday, Leigh and Fishstick with come back. And Corby. Y'know, even though we were constantly at each others throats, it feels...quiet....and strange...and kinda lonely without him, if you get what I mean." he grumbled. I grinned. I knew he missed Sealantus.

"I know what ya mean. He was almost in tears when you left! He was crying onto Leigh's shoulder with icedrops falling where the tears touched her. Quite funny. Just like you and Hola chasing a microwave with giant poles, hmm?" I laughed. Ara chuckled, his breath tickling my ear. Then, he put his hand into the same hole again. I shook my head. "Definatly my silly Halfling." I ighed, helpiing him once more.

The End

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