Disadvantages of Claws...

As he investigated the underside of the fort, only swatting the radio off his leg when the blaring in his ears became a bit too much for him, Ara started to wonder how much this place had changed. The last time he'd been here, they'd been barricaded in the kitchen, surrounded by Shadows and nearly been blasted to bits by an army of mad trigger-happy nutcases.

The contrast to their present situation was startling.

As his mind wandered, Ara's thoughts returned to the "in-between place" he had spent three years in before returning to the Hideout. It hadn't been inhabited by much, just your typical woodland creatures, a few wolves and maybe a bear or two but that was it. No people, either human or otherwise had been there. And yet Ara had never been able to shake the feeling that he hadn't been alone in that limbo state. It was almost as if there were presences there that, although they were far too innocuous and faint to seem remotely real, still seemed to be there.

They were almost... familiar. Then, of course, there was the other feeling. The feeling that someone was always there, watching him. Sort of like those god things the humans had. Perhaps this was the Author Leigh had often talked about, the one that was supposed to make all the decisions.

Well, his evidently had a very flighty mind.

Lost in his thoughts, Ara didn't notice he had started leaning to one side until, with a loud crack, he felt his claws plunge through the floor. Everyone looked at him, alarmed at the sound, but soon started grinning when the Halfborn tried unsuccessfully to remove his claws from the floor.

He was stuck.


The End

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