As Raven and Kate huddled in, Raven said, "we should make a fort out of this!", and I gave a giggle. "Making a fort is a good idea, but not out of this. This was a gift from the house to us, and...it didn't ask for anything in return." I said softly. Raven gave a smile. I stood, wrapping the cloak round the others, and smiled at them. I went to the kitchen, and smiled, on the side were many mugs, and the kettle was in place and on. I glancd in the mugs. Hot chocolate powder. I picked up a packet of marshmallows, and put a couple in each mug. I poured the hot water in, and smiled. I left them to cool for a while, and went upstairs.

"Thank you for the gifts. In exchange for a few pieces of gold, will you give me enough to make a fort for....six or seven to sit under?" I asked. A tin appeared, an I placed the five pieces of gold into the pot. Blankets, poles and a few boxes appeared. I gave a small bow, and took the things. I took the things to a small room with a fridge and a small bathroom off the side, and placed the boxes in a square. I tapped the poles to the boxes, and threw a large blanket over. It fit. It drapped over the sides, so I cut a little opening in the fabric, big enough for us to get in. I laid the rest of the blankets inside, along with a few pillows. I used the piece of fabric I had cut from to make the door, and got some fabric pens. In red, I wrote my name. I laid five other colours out next to it, and put it by the opening.

I smiled at my handiwork. I walked back to the living room, and pulled Ara from under the cloak. I took him to the room with the fort. He laughed, and crawled in, folding his wings close to his back. "I feel like a big kid again." he said. I giggled, and pulled Nathen and Kate through. They grinned, Nathen rolled his eyes, and went in. I took hold of Raven's hand, let him stand, then led him to the room. I put my hands over his eyes, and led him in. I uncovered them, and he grinned. I went back to the living room, and got the cloak. I got everyone there to sign the piece of fabric, them I clipped it up, over the opening, and it read all of our names. You had to push it past to get in and out. I went to the kitchen with Kate, we gave everyone in the living room their hot chocolate, them we took some for the guys in our hideout.

"Well, it's not very pretty, but its quite warm, and its nice. And I've put a spell that my sister Russalka taught me when I was young. If you've sighed the fabric on the door, you can get in and out. If your name's not on, it won't let you in! Strange, but cool! So at least no baddies can get in, eh?" I said. They grinned. I thought Kate was going t thump me on the back for a moment. She ended up hitting my arm softly and saying, "That''s handy! Good one!" Raven grinned, then his grin vanished. I think he was remembering our little disagreement. I shuffled about, so I was inbetween Ara and Raven, with Kate and Nathen on their other sides. There was a lot of room left. Then, a paw could be seen at the doorway. "Master? Flamara?" came a voice in our heads. I got up, and wrote Ivory's name on the fabric, along with all our friends in the house. One by one, everyone slinked in. It was quite warm, and there was still a little room to move. "Its our family. All of us together. Well, most of us." Ara said softly, and a little sadly.

I looked at him suspiciosly. "Heyyyyy...you miss Calammari Fish Face, don't you! ADMIT IT!!!!!" I said jokingly. Ara laughed. "Ok, ok, I give in! I miss Leigh and Corby. And His Wetness Fishstick." he said. Everyone giggled. Jyll was huddled up next to me now, she was half asleep. "Mama...." she sighed in her sleep. Wait...who was her mother? She hadn't mentioned a mother when she came, had she? "HOORAY!!!" a few people shouted. Then..... WE ARE FAMILY!!!! The Radio had arrived. Yeah, I even put the Radio in. It was family.

The End

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