Enough With the Funny Smells!

Even as Ara enjoyed the feeling of being back with his friends, something pricked at his nostrils. He stiffened and sniffed again. It was an odd sort of smell, if you could call it that. It didn't feel like normal scents did, it was different. More tangible, but less solid, more vivid, but less distinct from the rest of the smells in the room.

In short, it was downright funny.

Oh no, thought Ara with a groan, not more funny smells! Honestly I've only been back here five minutes and there's already strange things messing with my head! Does this house have a grudge against me or something?

Sensing his agitation, Flamara looked at the Halfborn quizically. Ara shook his head and knuckled his forehead.

I should have guessed the normality couldn't last.

How could I be so naive as to ever think it could?


The End

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