So Glad...

I helped Nathen and Hola up, and we all went through to the living room. Raven said we were his new family. I felt happy at this. I ran up the stairs, and into the knowledge room. "What do you want?" boomed the voice.

"Nothing. I just wanted to tell you that Nathen's alive. And we're all happy. For now."

"Oh?! One thing I didn't know." said the voice. Two objects appeared on the floor in front of me. It was a large cloak, and a small blade made from black scales. "This dagger is made from basalisk scales. It cuts through anything you want it to. The cloak...well, it's just a gift."

I took the gifts, thanked the room, and exited. Cathryn would have been proud. I had just had a conversation with the house. I went down the stairs, holding the dagger. The flat of the blade was smooth and cool. I carried the gifts into the living room. Ara was sat next to Nathen. I smiled. I crouched down in front of them, and handed the knife to Nathen. I explained what it was. He gave a grinn, and sheathed it. I wriggled inbetween them, nd threw the cloak over the back. It fit around all of us, surprisingly. Nathen and Ara stayed in close. I pulled up slightly, kissed both Ara and Nathen on the cheek. "I'm glad both of you are back. My best friend, and the guy who makes me laugh. And I love him." I giggled. Ara gave me a smile, and grinned at Nathen. He began to scribble down on a piece of paper.

"I thought you didn't like me?" said the crumpled paper. I laughed. I raised a hand, and took hold of the pendant hanging from his neck. "You, Ara, Jyll and I have the same. Everyone elses all faded away. I've split my powers inbetween you. Well, more between me and Jyll, but you two get the basics." I told him. He gave a slow smile.

" Mon meilleur ami, mon amour, et ma famille. Je les adore tous." I said. Both boys gave me a funny look. I laughed, and shook my head. "Doesn't matter." I giggled. They rolled their eyes.

(Translation: My best friend, my love, and my family. I love them all.)

The End

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