Raven: What the fuzzlewiggles!

Kate and I had watched everything happen very quickly and suddenly. Nathen was alive. It must be my spell finally working. And there was some crazy guy with a knife teleporting about.

"What the heck just happened!"

Kate looked at me and shrugged. I began to think. Is there anyone in the house other than those who are supposed to be here. I came to the conclusion of no.

Then, it appeared again. It was very large, it was a male. He had a large cloak and demon red eyes. He was holding a thin butcher's knife. The worst thing, he was comming right at Kate and I.

She turned about-face and ran, I meanwhile unsheathed one of my swords and did battle with the beast. Only for it to disappear again.

"Where is he! He shall feel my blade in his skull for trying to harm my new family."

At these words Nathen, Flamara, Ara, Jyll, Hola and all the others felt slightly happier. All thinking 'we're the best family ever.'

The End

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