Nathan walked up out of the coffin, glad to be gone of it.  He still couldn't see very well.

He wanted  to ask what had happened sense he'd been . . . out of it, but just as he was going to try to ask Ara he too saw the figure behind Hola, someone he'd barely been aquanted with.

Ara started shouting, but hola stared at us, eyebrows creased, as if saying "what are you talking about?"

The figure behind her lifted up a knife, a big one, as if it was about to plunge it into her head.

Nathan's instincs kicked in.  He dove for the man behind her, reaching for the knife.  But just as his hand moved toward it, it was gone.  The person was gone.  Just like that.  No fancy lights or a flash of smoke, or a loud noise,  In fact it seemed to be extra quite.

Nathan spun around in circles, trying to find out where he went.  It was gone.  He gave a Question-Mark expression to Ara and Flamara.  They returned the expression.

Nathan wanted some answers.  He proceeded to graving some paper from his back pocket . . . again.

The End

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