Behind You!

Ara blinked in utter confusion as Nathan, whom he had taken for dead, scrambled out of the coffin and greeted Flamara and Jyll. Ara stood a little off to the side, somewhat perplexed, but with a large grin on his face none the less.

After a quick exchange of bear hugs with Nathan, the only one so far who seemed to note Ara's change of height, Ara turned to go back to the living room, still grinning.

Okay, I have no idea how that happened, but as far as I'm concerned whatever did that is brilliant. For once in this house something seems to want to help rather than murder us.

That's a change from what I remember... wonder if that damned radio's still here?

As he made his way out of the room, Flamara, Nathan and Jyll not far behind, Ara noticed a small figure standing in the doorway. With a jolt he recognised Hola, the girl he remembered snapping at when she'd first entered the Hideout. He raised his hand in greeting, but slowed his pace when he something caught his eye.

There was something standing behind Hola. Something that Ara didn't recognise.

Something he had a feeling was none too friendly either.

"Hola! Behind you!" he called, sub-consciously tensing his muscles to spring to her aid, "Get out of the way! There's something there! Run!"

The End

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