Tears And Change

I heard the noise. And again. I left the living room. I went into the obsidian room, and found that the sound was echoing from round there. We had placed a thin lid onto the coffin. I pushed it off, and saw Nathen screaming. He stopped. His whole body ws shaking wildly. 

My eyes opened wide without my realizing, and I lifted Nathen carefully out of the coffin. I got the cloak from the chest, and laid in over his body. I stroked his cheek, a small smile on my face. "Nathen. You're back." I whispered, trying to convince my mind it was true. I held him close to me, rocking gently with his form.

Tears of joy slid down my cheeks. I wiped them away, and smiled down at Nathen. he appeared too shocked to do anything. Then, fire began to circle us. Just then, Ara poked his head round the door. "Flamara?" he whispered, before I was envoloped in fire. Ara ran over, I could just see him through the haze. The fire vanished as he stepped into and towards me. I looked up at him. He grinned. He pulled a piece of broken glass from his pocket, and showed me. My hair fell over my shoulders again, my skin was tanned, and my eyes were glowing ember orange again. "Flamara..." breathed Nathen and Ara together. I smiled, and Nathen wrapped his arms round me, smiling and with a few tears of joy. Ara went from the room, and returned with little Jyll in his arms. "NATHEN!!!!" said her bubble. Ara put her down, and she ran to both me and Nathen. She wrapped her little arms round his neck and kissed his cheek. She hugged him tight, then looked up at me. "Wow Flamara! You've changed again!" she said as well.

I smiled at her, then what happened next made my heart skip a beat. A large white paw stepped in. Then I gave a small cry. Ivory stood in the doorway, beautiful and magestic. "Hi guys. Did you miss me?" said a loud ringing voice in my head. I smiled as Ivory padded over, and wrapped herself round my back, arouns Jyll and Nathen too. She gave a small sweep of her tounge over Nathens head, pressed her nose to Jyll's, and let out a throaty laugh as I buried my face in her soft white fur.

The End

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