White Room

Nathan woke up.  But he was . . . standing?

He looked around, and found himself inside a completely white room, white smoke drifting around.  He looked before himself, and found two black holes, seemingly going off into no where land.  The funny thing is, that one of them was red around the edges.

"Hello, someone said."

Nathan jumped.  He turned, but saw no one there.  "Hello?"  He asked.

The voice ignored him.  "Before you lay two paths.  The first, the red one, is the path to whatever happens next.  What that is, I cannot say.  That is for you to figure out. 

"The other path takes you back to where you were, exactly as if nothing happened.  What do you chose?"

Nathan thought he already knew the answer.  He was dead, right now, but he didn't want to be any longer.  He knew there could be nothing good waiting for him in the afterlife, not after all he'd done.

"I want to go back."  He whispered.

Nathan suddenly woke up, again.  He started breathing.  He shot up, and hit his head on something hard.  Where the heck was he?  He wondered how long he'd been dead.

Suddenly a fear came over him.  He still couldn't see anything, everything seemed white, but he wondered if he was in a coffin.  Really, he'd always been claustraphobic . . . a lot, but he'd suppresed it to be the governments spy.  He'd needed to crawl through many tight tunnels.  

But when he'd done that, he'd always known there was a way out.  Right now, if he was in a coffin, there wouldn't be.

He screamed at the top of his lungs . . .

The End

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