Before I rip your lungs out....

I flinched when Raven came near me. He then ran out of the room, shouting. I growled. The sound of clincking stone came to my ears. That sweet sound that could only mean obsidian rubbing together. I let out an angry shout, and ran from the room, Ara in hot pursuit. As Raven opened to door, and said, 'Nathen, guess what!?' I let an angry roar. Ara held me back as I pulled towards Raven. I transformed into my phoenix form, and flew out of Ara's arms, and into the room. Raven stopped as he saw me morph back into my human shape. Ara pushed past him and put an arm round my shoulder, and held one of my arms rather tightly.

"I'd leave here, before I do something I might regret."

"What you gonna do?"  Raven scoffed.

"I'd leave, before I rip your lungs out with my bare hands. And I would do that. You know it. Use your powers. Use your eyes. You would see into my eyes and mind and see that I would." I told him calmly. He looked into my eyes, annd that was it for him. He left the room quite quickly.

"Rip his lungs out, huh?" muttered Ara.

"Hehe. Yeah. Sorry, you're my bad influence." I giggled.

"How am I a bad influance?!" he whined.

"You used to say that you'd rip the Armless One's lungs out. And you're not a bad influance. You're my bad influance." I told him. He laughed softly. I walked to Nathen's coffin, and placed my hand on the edge, and bowed my head. "I'm sorry dear friend. Forgive me. I thought I had locked the door." I whispered.

Ara came up, a little scared and hesitant. I took his hand, and gave it a reasuring squeeze. He gave a small smile, an looked down on Nathen. A tear dripped down onto Nathen's cheek. I wiped it away softly. Ara went out into the hall, and came back with his cloak. He touched the coffin side. A small chest came just by the side where he had touched. Ara laid the cloak inside. "Nathen gave me the cloak." he whispered. I smiled, and took out the little gun he had given me. I laid it inside the box, along with a small broach in the shape of a teardrop. It glittered in the box. I buried my head in Ara's chest and cried a little. He held me to him and shhed me. I stopped, and took out the key to te room. We exited, and I watched the key turn in the lock to make sure I locked it.

I had an idea. I went back into the living room with Ara, and took the oppertunity to glare at Raven as I stood in the centre of the room. "Everybody? If you knew Nathen, actually knew him, I laid him to rest in a beautiful room I found. I want to give him a proper funeral. There is a chest by the coffin to place things that Nathen gave you, or you want to give to him. Do you think its a good idea?" I called out.

Ara looked down at me, and looked quite touched. "That's...really nice of you to say that." he whispered. I smiled up at him. Everyone gave a little nod, and stood up. They followed me to the room, and Ara opened to door. I led them in, and we all stood round the coffin.

Ara stood beside me, and coughed. Everyone fell silent. "For you who are new, and don't know this person, his name is Nathen. He was a former assasin. Army men came to this house serching for him. He was taken, and he found that they had placed a deadly diesiese in the house. Then, a man called Jason came. He hd an antidote with him, and Flamara here found it. She spread it throughout the house, and everyone has got better. Jason killed Nathen, and it seemed that he ws weakened. After Flamara's transformation, caused by my dissapearance and Nathen's death, she and Hola took Jason down. We are unsure that he hs left. Flamara laid him here to rest. Out of us all, I think that we can agree she has had a more difficult time than all of us. She nearly dies for me in the Appliance War, she saved us all in the War of the Shadows, she has had her best friends, Corby an Nathen, taken from her, I hd dissapeared, and now her half sisteer and brother hve left, Leigh and Sealantus. Better known as Calamari Fish Face. So, in the memory of Nathen, friend and brother, we would like if you would place something in this chest for him. I and Flamara have already given, as you can see. If you would like to say anything for Nathen, feel free." He finished. I looked up at him, slightly surprised he had all that in him.

"As I said, friend and brother." he murmured in my ear, slipping his arm round my waist. Jyll came up to me. "Is this ok to give to him?" she bubble asked, showing me a fire flower head. I smiled and nodded. She skipped over, and placed it in gently. Others began placing things in.

The End

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