Oh my god, look what I did!

I finished meditating, stood up and jumped for joy. I then ran through the house and stormed into the room where a touching scene was happening. Great, I get to ruin it. Ara and Flamara look up at me.

"Oh my god! Guess what!"

They shrugged.

"I was meditating, because I needed to cool off from Sealanthus, then I left my body. And while trying to get back to heaven I ended up in the Void of Lost Souls and I saw Kate there. We had a lovely conversation and she's going to come here!"

Flamara looked at me.

"That's wonderful!"

"Thank you guys for your support. And Flamara, I'm sorry for lifting you above the ground by your shirt. Anyways, I'll just leave you two to yourselves."

I then ran through the house looking for someone else to tell. I ran into a closet and saw the lying figure of Nathen.

"Nathen guess what! ..."

The End

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