The Dark Little Corner

I hugged Leigh goodbye, and I gave a nod to Sealantus. I was scared of my brother. It was usually the other way round. I turned round to see Ara. I gasped. His eye was purple and slightly swollen.

"What happened to you?" I breathed. He gave a slight smile, and pulled out the picture of Sealantus pouting. I laughed happily. He sat down slowly into  chair. I went to him, and sat on the arm of the chair. I touched my fingertips lightly to the bruise. He gave  yelp. "Shhh." I whispered. I traced over his eyelid, his brow and round th bruise. He closed that eye. I leaned over, and gently kissed the bruise. Ara rubbed the bruise a little.

I took both his hands, and pulled him up. He raised an eyebrow. I pulled him to the corner. The one we used to sit in when we had first met. He smiled, and sat down. "Our dark little corner." He said softly. I huddled up next to him. I looked up at him.

"I'm not the only one who's changed." I said to him. He snorted, and smiled. "I'm sorry about Royal Wetness. He just wanted to know if you still cared for me after three years of you being in mountain and stuff after leaving. I missed you." I whispered. He gave a chortle. "Ara, do you want the old me back? I mean the way I used to look?" I asked. "I can change back...if the house decides that you and I are really worth it.

The End

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