Leigh hugged Ara once she got over the shock of what Sealantus did. When Raven came in, Leigh immediately hurried upstairs to confront the boy. She held Sealantus in a tight embrace until he had had clamed down. Leigh let go of him.

Time to go. Her author said. Get two sets of gear, one for you one for him.

Leigh turned to look at the room. It was the one that gave you things, for a price.

“I need two sets of full motorcycle gear, preferable Aerostich two piece suits, Daytona Boots, Alpinestar gloves and Arai helmets. One for me, and one for Calamari Fish Face here.” It still felt ood to call Sealantus that, but he deserved the nickname right now.

“Payment please”

Leigh dropped her last two pennies into the appropriate location.

“So this is good-bye?” Flamara asked.

“Afraid so.” Leigh embraced Flamara tightly. “We’ll be reading about the Hideout happenings I’m sure.”

Of course you will. I do believe I am nice author. I know just where you’ll be going, too.

Where? Leigh wanted to know as grabed her gear.

You’ll see. Leigh could feel her author grinning. I think you’ll love it.

“Go on and say good-bye to your sister, Sealantus. I’ll meet you at the bike downstairs.” Leigh left him in the room. She didn’t know if he would have a lot to say to her or not. She gave everyone in the living room a last round of hugs, ending with Ara.

“Good luck and happiness my friend.” She didn’t really know Ara that well as they hadn’t interacted much, but still she felt the need to say.

He’ll probably need it, her author commented.

Saelantus joined her as she was poring the petrol into the tank. “Ready?” she asked once she was done. He nodded and Leigh showed him the tricks to donning the gear. “Okay the most important thing I want you to remember. Hold onto my waist and follow my body movement. If you don’t we will crash.” She looked at him sternly, helmet at the ready.

Sealantus grinned at her. “Got it.”

Helmets on and securely attached Leigh maneuvered the motorcycle outside. Once off the porch she took out her key, deciding not to think of how it got from her old suit to this one, and started the bike up. She had to coax it a little bit to get going. It had stood out in the cold and rain, for, well Leigh didn’t want to figure out how long. She was glad the battery was still good.

With a huge grin on her face Leigh mounted her bike. She settled herself and nodded to Sealantus. He clambered on behind her clumsily. My first rider in back has never been on a bike before, Leigh thought, this is going to be interesting. Shouts of good luck followed them as Leigh slowly made her way over the ground. As she got further from the house a white cloud surrounded them until she couldn’t see.

“What the…”


To those observing the white cloud around Leigh, Sealantus and the Suzuki SV 650, it became denser and denser until it suddenly collapsed in upon itself erasing their existence from the dark, rainy lawn.

For Leigh and Sealantus the cloud suddenly disappeared and Leigh found herself pulling over at the Wall in the Berkeley hills. As soon as the bike was parked Leigh took off her helmet. The morning was crisp and clear. It was so clear that Leigh could see Berkeley, Oakland and even across the bay to San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

“Wow,” she whispered. Sealantus echoed her thoughts and squeezed her waist.

“Welcome to California.” A woman suddenly appeared on the wall startling them both. She smiled and shook her slightly auburn hair from her face. “Relax, I’m Leigh’s author. I thought I ought to show myself. I kind of miss this view myself.” She jumped down from the wall and looked out. “This is one of the congregation spot for motorcycles.” She turned back to the couple. “Anyway, there’s a house in Vallejo overlooking the Carquinez Straights for you. You’re close to some awesome riding roads, and, if you don’t mind the rain, you can ride year round. It’s a great motorcycling community out here, and there are some awesome SV riders, they have a list, you should look them up. Jim leads the most interesting rides. And, um…” Leigh’s author looked thoughtful. “Well that’s about it,” she turned away then turned back, “Oh and I won’t strip your powers, just be careful how you use them. They aren’t used to getting snow down here, you have to go to the mountains for that.” She waved and disappeared.

“Well,” Leigh turned to Sealantus, “Shall we go find our house?”

The End

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