There's No Way Out

Corby sat scrunched up in the dark of her author's brain, crying. "I want to go back, it's been months." she sobbed. 

We'll you're staying right here, in Re-writing the past. You can't jump to two stories Corby, I want to take care of you. Her author replied.

"Leigh and Geoff can. And they're in The Hideout and Re-writing the past." Corby wiped at her tears.

Stop moaning. You'll be fine. You're only staying here for a tiny while longer.

"How long exactly is that?" she moaned. Her author paused. 

...two years. Corby gasped.

"No. No! Get me out of here NOW! You're like a Hummingbird! Buzzing and buzzing at me constantly. Having me jump from place to place! Well, I won't have it! I want to go back! I want to see my friends again!" 

Please Corby, just stay here a little longer. There's no way out. Her author soothed her.  Corby paused while her author wrote. 

"There could at least be a light in here, or maybe a bed or food, so I can keep living properly. I have to be living for you to use me." Corby smiled evilly, this would be fun.

Fine. I'll make you a bedroom with a bathroom and kitchen. She groaned, imagining a cute small bedroom with a small pink bed and a toilet and white kitchen. Suddenly Corby popped out of the bed and landed back down on it, standing up and looking at the bedroom.

"Eh, this could do. But I want to have weekly calls to the hideout! On a real telephone!"

The End

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