Ara gaped as Sealantus stomped off, mind reeling. What the heck was that all about? What had he done to deserve that? How was the fact that he'd faded, completely unwillingly, out of this place and not remembered anything?

Rubbing the sore spot just above his right eye where Sealantus had clonked him, Ara turned back to the stairs only to find an alarmed looking Raven come careering back into the living room. Ara looked at him and raised an eyebrow.


Raven nodded and moved a hand in circled around his head, making whistling noises as he did. Ara nodded in return, yelping he moved his bruised face.

That's gonna leave a mark, he thought.

With a defeated groan, Ara sunk down on the sofa beside the now ghostly Leigh, rubbing his bruise and shaking his head sadly. What a mess he'd made, coming back here and upsetting everyone like this. Now Sealantus hated him, his friends barely recognised him and even Flamara seemed changed. But that didn't stop him loving her the same way he always had. Even when he couldn't remember her he'd had the feeling that there had been something missing, something he'd valued above all else that just hadn't been there. He knew his leaving had hurt her, as had the arguments she'd had with her brother when he disapproved of her choice.

And now here he was, screwing up her life all over again.

Perhaps, he thought sadly, it would have been better if I'd never come back at all.

The End

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