NO! NEVER!! Kinda...yeah.

As Ara came up to me, and said, "Hey Calamari Fish Face. Miss me?" I almost swore.

"NO!!! NEVER!!! Sorta....kinda...yeah. Yeah I did. Did you miss Flamara?" I said awkwardly, then coldly when I came to Flamara. Leigh moaned in my ear. I shushed her, and put my arm round her ghost-like body. "Well? Did you miss Flamara? Or did you go off and find some other girl, forgetting all about her and that she almost died and turned into a monster for you?" I said with tears stinging my eyes.

The room fell silent. "After all she did for you...almost died, almost turned into a monster, risking her life to save us from being taken by the Shadows, finding Aarn and Lucy for you! AFTER ALL THAT, ANSWER ME ONE QUESTION!!! DID YOU MISS HER?! DO YOU EVEN LOVE HER ANYMORE?!?!" I shouted at him, becoming more angry every second. I clenched my fist, and knowing I would most likely regret it later, I punched Ara in the face, and stomped out of the room. Outside, thunder and lightning crashed and raged, and the rain came down by the bathtub full. I went upstairs to find Raven holding Flamara up by her clothing. I pulled myself into the room, and grabbed Flamara away from Raven. I pushed him, screaming, "KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF MY SISTER!"

Raven went downstairs fuming and grumbling. I was so angry. So so angry. Flamara, as I now call her; not that stupid name Zjarri, was terrified of me. She ran out of the room as Leigh entered. She wrapped her arms round me, keeping me from going downstairs to try to rip Ara and Raven limb from limb. I began to calm down the coolness of Leigh's personality and skin temprature cooling my rage. I began to cry a little, thinking of Flamara.

The End

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