Miss Me?

When Flamara dragged Raven off, Ara simply stood back and let her past. He had grown used to strange things happening by now and was getting less and less alarmed by them every time.

Besides, something else had tweaked his attention.

Sitting on the other side of the room he caught sight of Leigh and Sealantus, scarcely more than shadows now. Ara sighed, now he understood. This must be some sort of trade. Either that or the House wanted to insure it kept a reasonable number of people inside.

But then again, what was it Leigh had been saying about these Author things? Perhaps that was what had dragged him out of here the first time, and maybe now it was taking them. Although why, Ara still had no idea.

None the less, he thought sadly, scratching his forehead nervously, best go and say my goodbyes. I certainly didn't have time before.

Let's just hope they don't freak out too much.

Striding over to where his friends sat, Ara grinned his sharp-toothed grin and cackling slightly at the look on Sealantus' face said:

"Hey there Calamari Fish Face. Miss me?"

The End

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