Wait a Minute!!!!

I frowned. Kate and Raven. They seemed to link with another story. That was it! I ran to Raven and Ara. "Raven, I need your help. Come with me." I pulled up the stairs, into the knowledge room. "I need  phone with story intercross!" I shouted. The phone appeared.

"Payment?" asked the voice. I dropped a marble onto the floor. I picked up the phone, and sat down. Raven sat with me. I smiled softly to him, and pulled a small glass flower with a music note inside it out of my pocket. I pressed it to the back of the phone, nd it dissappeared. The phone grew, until it was the size of a laptop. "Hold it steady." I told Raven. He did so.

"Winterealm, Angels amoung us, Hideout, ah! Here it is! The Community. Hello? Ami, is this you?" I asked.

"Yeah. Is this the Fire Queen?"

"Yeah. I need to know something. Is there someone called Kate over there?"

"Uhhhh...dunno. There's a girl babbling on about the little alien that is sat in my hands. She's called Kate. Oh gawd, there's a few alien coming. Got to go! Bye!"


The End

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