umm, well, you see

I feel a tapping on my shoulder and I wipe the tears from my face quickly with my sleeve. I turn around and see Ara there.

"Uhh, yeah, everything's just fine. I'm just, remembering some things about the past. That's all. And my names Raven." Crap, she wasn't supposed to know I can read minds! "I mean, incase you wanted to know." Smooth Raven, real smooth.

"Are you sure because I could've sworn something was wrong. I have these feelings, you know?"

All too well. "Yeah, I know how you feel. But, everything's alright." Except for everything that's wrong. "I'm sorry to have set off your alarm bells."

"Alarm bells?"

"Yeah, that's what I call it when you have a feeling that something bad happened."

"Oh, makes sence. Well, would you like to join the group again?"

"Sure, why not." Is there no privacy in this house. "Lead the way."

The End

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