A Niggling Itch

Disentangling himself from a highly enthusiastic Jyll, Ara rubbed his ribs. Ow, that kid could squeeze very hard when she wanted to. Ouch.

Looking up momentarily, Ara spotted the strange man who had approached him when he'd first come back in. He was lurking in a corner, turned away from the rest of the group. Curious, Ara approached him. There was something strange about this one, he could sense it. As he'd grown, his senses had sharpened in more than one respect. Yes, there was something very intruiging about this one.

And not just the fact that he'd known who Ara was having never met him. Ara struggled to place the feeling, but as hard as he tried, he couldn't. It was like a niggling itch that you just can't reach, but plagues you all the same.

"Hey," Ara said softly as he approached the stranger's shoulder, "Is something wrong? Are you okay?"

And, come to think of it, who are you anyway?

The End

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