how sweet

I was wandering about the house, following the entourage to see what was going on. I still hadn't found any answers. Except that now I know what the heck a beba is, it's Ara. I still had trouble figuring out peoples names. I'm horrible with names. Yet, some just stuck. However, the guide's name seemed to escape me. Also, the shock of finding out that Drakath is Ara's brother. Who would've known. I decide not to speak on such a somber occaision as Ara and the small creature with bubbles both embrace. It reminds me of the first time I met Kate, how we held eachother so close knowing that we were made for eachother. But, Kate is part of the past now. I had to let go of her.

Then, I don't think a soul noticed, but a tear travelled down my face leaving a stream of salt-water. I turned around and walked out of the room, Flamara turned her head and saw me leave then redirected her attention to Ara. I then, hid in the corner with the books, and the tears start streaming. At least noone would see me cry if I was over here.

The End

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