He Saved Us

"He was shot by a guy called Jason. When I heard the gunshot, I thought of Nathen dying, you gone, and it just seemed to angry me so much the house felt it. He was shot, I changed and Jason kind of...well, we don't know where he is after Hola and I took him down. He saved us from the deseise and Jason." I told him.

I walked to him, and stroked his cheek. My eyes locked with him. I stood on my tiptoes, and kissed him softly. In that, I showed him every memory and emotion in the house since he had left. He seemed shocked, at first, then he closed his eyes, and wrapped his arms round me. A tear glistened on his cheek. I ran my fingers through his tangled hair. I pulled away.

"So it really is you. The house changed you...to fight nd protect? Because I was gone? But now I'm back, then surely....?"

"It's up to you. I can stay like this, or I can change back. If I changed back, my eyes might vary between my original orange eyes, or...well....your." I told him. I smiled, and we left the room. We went back into the living room, but I stopped at the kitchen.

"You need to see this." I said to Ara. I opened the door, and held his hand. We entered. Ara and I stopped. I let a flame float, and flicker. Drakath was asleep on the floor, hair bedragled, claws and sharp teeth, clothes ripped. Ara realed back. I shhed him. "Stop. It's my eldest brother." I whispered.

"Drakath, Drakath, awaken." I said softly. Drakath opened one eye, looked up, and transformed to his human shape. He saw me clutching Ara's arm. "Ah. You are the infamous Ara. I've been looking forward to meeting the fire that melts no ice, that burns no fleash, but pushes away the dark." He said flatly, offering a hand. Ara gulped, and hesitatly shook Drakath's hand. He smiled weakly to Ara. "Please, look after my sister. Shadows still lurk in the house, and some appliances won't be tamed by Flamara or her Halfbreed. Goodbye." he whispered, and dissapeared. The lights flickered bck on, and we went back to the living room.

The End

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