Oh My God

I saw Ara. I walked to him, pulling Jyll with me. He smiled down at Jyll as she hugged his leg. He just stared. He was confused my eyes, exactly like his own.  I began to cry. My eyes turned back to their old orange glow. I stepped forward, and touched the firehert still on Ara's neck. He frowned. He bent slightly, taking my hand, staring at the Halfbreed tattoo still there after my tranformation. Jyll frowned at him.

"Don't you remember Flamara?" she asked him. she pointed to the corner where we had sat. I placed my hands on his cheeks, and shared memories with him. When I sat with him in the corner. When I almost die when the knife flew and tried to kill him. Him saying that he loved me in the little room. When he had faded. And last, my transformation. I opened my eyes, leaving my hands on his cheeks.

 "Look in my eyes, Ara. I am Flamara, the Fire Queen. Now all but Leigh, Calamari Fish Face and Jyll know me as Zjarri. But I am still Flamara. When the transformation came, it changed my eyes to be like yours. A reminder of you. I am still Flamara, and I am still in love with you."  I whispered.

I wondered how Ara would react. He had been gone for three years as he told Raven. I wondered if he still loved me.....He glanced at Raven. "How does he know my name? He asked. I giggled. "Everyone knows your name. Every object in this house knows your name. The appliances have been chanting, 'Come back come back' it scared us. I took Ara's hand, and pulled him out of the living room. He just followed. I opened the obsidian room, and led him in. I closed the door, and I walk with him up to Nathen's resting place.

The End

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