Vroom Vroom Va Va Voom!

I looked into Leigh's eyes for a moment, then pulled her close. I was so lucky. I glanced down the hall, and out of the window. I hmmed to myself. I smiled, and told her I'd be right back. I ran out into the snow, and pulled her bike in, brushing the snow off. I brought it just inside. Leigh laughed, and hugged me. I put her helmet on, playing around. It was too small, but oh well. I sat on the bike. "Vroom vroom va va voom!" I giggled. Leigh slapped her head, and pulled me off the bike. I put the helmet down, and we went back. The fire Ara that Jyll had made was amazing. It lit the whole room, burning bright. I smiled, and the Radio switched to 'Don't Wanna Miss  Thing' by Aerosmith. I took Leigh's hand, and placed  hand on her waist. She smiled, rolled her eyes, and danced round with me.

The rumbling had stopped by now. Zjarri let go of Jyll's hand, and began to do a private little jig with Kina for  bit. Se went back, and sat by Jyll again. Her eyes didn't waver from the corner. Her fire Ara sat in the corner. She creased her face, and a fire Flamara was sat beside him, head leaned on his shoulder, and Ara's arm around her. I smiled softly. Jyll sat, her eyes unwavering. Flamara kissed her head, and smiled softly. She stood. "If you must go, my brother and sister, then at least wait till Ara comes back. He will be happy, if he remembers, to see Leigh, and he will tease Calamari Fish Face a bit. Old times." She chuckled. She hugged both of us, and sat back with Jyll. 

The End

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