A Decision to Wait

Can he really come with me, Leigh wondered as she pulled back from their kiss.

Yes, came the soft voice of her author.

When, she wanted to know. The response wasn’t immediate.

Well, it depends, was the reply at last.


If you want to see Ara again or not. I can’t control when his author will post his reappearance. I just know it will happen, well no, I suspect it will happen. One never knows with that one.

Right, Leigh thought to herself. She studied Sealantus through half closed eyes. He, in turn studied her. His eyes took all of her in, enveloped her. Leigh shivered slightly and he pulled her close.

The intensity of his feelings for her was almost scary. Maybe it was because she’d never had someone love her that much. But it was a warm scary, not a cold one. She hugged Sealantus back and then stepped away so they stood side by side an arm around each other’s waist.

Suddenly Leigh laughed to herself. “Look Jyll’s made a Flame Ara, perhaps we ought to stay long enough to make sure the real Ara doesn’t get hurt,” she whispered.

Leigh stepped forward to Flamara’s side. She placed a hand on the Fire Queen’s shoulder. She was a little more solid than before. Her other hand was held onto by the King of Water. He, obviously, wasn’t letting Leigh go.

So you want to stay? her author’s voice questioned.

I want to see Ara and Flamara reunited, yes, and then, if it’s not too much trouble could I ride out on the motorcycle? Leigh pleaded.

Her author sighed. We’ll see. Going ‘poof’ is much more dramatic.

Leigh ignored the last statement and waited with everyone else who stared at the dark corner. The Radio was playing a tune that some how struck Leigh from coming from Brigadoon.

The End

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