The house began to quake and rumble. Jyll woke. I heard Ara's voice shouting in my head. Sealantus and Leigh ran over to us, their hands over their ears. We all sat hudled together. Ten, that mantra started. All through the house, the appliances came alive again. The toaster, microwave, forks, spoons, knife, everything. They all came into the living room, filling it. The chanting came next.

Come back, come back, come back, back from the inbetween place. Come back, come back, come back, back from the inbetween place...

It went on and on, staying in rythme. Jyll let out a squeal, and flung her arms round me, squeezing her eyes closed. She seemed terrified. I lifted her up, looking into her eyes. "Right, listen to me. Stand up, and face where you think the thing is coming from the most. We will fight against it, if it is evil!" I told her. She gave a little nod, and faced the dark little corner. I kept back a tear. It was the corner where Ara and I had first sat together. I knelt by her, and gave her a light little dagger. "This is Harapan. His name means Hope." I told her. She looked at it for a moment, then picked up a little sheath, and a piece of pretty ribbon. She tied the sheath to the ribbon, and tied it round her waist. She put Harapan in it, and smiled up at me. I left Scurro and Luce in their sheaths, but held Jyll's hand with one of mine, and a ball of fire in the other.

The End

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