Half Here. Half There. All Confused.

Oh damn it, not again!

As Ara stood at the base of the hill, he felt that familiar tingling sensation again. He remembered it from the day he'd found himself on the mountainside. And something told him he was about to do it again. Go back to wherever it was he came from. He grinned darkly, even after all these years he still couldn't remember the place where he'd been before landing here.

Odd how much I've changed since then. I doubt anyone in that last place would know me now. If there was anyone there at all...

Ara snorted, tossing his head. He was taller now, standing at just under 6 foot, a good three to four inches taller than he had been several years ago. His previously pitch-black hair had developed russet highlights here and there and his horn was now a rather peculiar shade of sandy brown, but with the same black at the tip. Years in the forest had also taken off what was left of his body fat, leaving only hard muscle and sinew in their wake. Only his eyes had remained the same, still an iridescent yellow with big dark pupils at the centre. Eyes that had seen many a season come and go since his arrival. And now, it seemed, he was going again.

Is this some sort of joke? Am I one of those dimension-hopping creatures you hear about in the stories? Or am I just unlucky?

As the tingling intensified, and Ara began to become less solid, he rolled his eyes and said out loud:

"Whoever you are, you'd better have a good reason for confusing me like this!"

And, if Ara hadn't known better, he would have sworn he heard a faint reply whispering from some distant corner of his mind.

Yes, hissed the whisper, Yes I do.

The End

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