Want Of My Old Love

Nathen was my best friend. Not my love. I would never love anyone else except Ara. I saw Jyll come in. "I caan't find my Beba." She whispered. She wiped a tear away, and looked at Nathen. "He looks like he's sleeping. But he won't wake up will he?" she wrote. I smiled. The sheer innocence of it made me choke on joy. I picked her up, and locked the room behind us. Jyll laid her head on my shoulder. I carried her up the stairs, and into a little room. The little room where Ara had told me he loved me. I placed my hand on Jyll's cheek, and shared the memory with her. She stroked my cheek.

I placed her into the little bed, and tucked her in. I sat, and shared memories with her. Showing her how Ara had faded. She shared the memory of when her fingers had been taken. I smiled. I laid in the covers, giving her a cuddle. "Sweetie, do you like the new me? Because I'm different now, aren't I?" I asked her softly. She gave a happy nod, and snuggled in closer. She fell to sleep in my arms.

In her sleep, she bubble wrote. "Mama...Beba...." she said, and began to cry a little. Poor little girl. She woke, and look up at me with her sad eyes. "do you want to learn more powers, like me?" I asked her softly. Her little eyes widened, and she nodded. She gave a little laugh. I stood her up. Her clothes were ripped. I shook my head. I dripped a tear onto the floor. "New clothes for Jyll please." I whispered. clothes appeared.

I helped her get changed into the new clothes. She pulled on a red dress shirt, and black jeans. I smile at her. She sat in front a mirror, and I brushed her hair. I put it into two ponytails that fell over the front of her shoulders. She pulled her socks off. She stood, and twirled on the spot, looking in the mirror. She smiled. "Hmm...somethings...missing." I said softly. I clicked my fingers. A little golden phoenix on a chain appeared in my hand. I secured it round her neck. She pulled the elastics out of her hair, letting it fall loosely, and giggled.

I smiled, and took her hand. We walked down the stairs, and she pushed her hair back, showing off her necklace proudly. She walked in, and smiled at everyone. They looked at her in surprise. She cupped her hands, and a little bird flew round the room, twittering its song. She closed her eyes, and creased her little face. The bird grew, and grew, until it had large wings, and human like body, and a horn on its head. She let it dissapear, and smiled up at me. "I did Beba!" She bubble wrote. I took her hand, and we sat by the fire place. Fiery little bubbles swirled into the air from her little hands. She smiled. She was a fast learner.

"Flamara?" she bubble said. She was the onlly one who still called me Flamara. I turned to her. "When is Beba getting back? I miss him." she looked up at me. I put an arm round her, and whispered, "I don't know, sweetie. I hope he comes back soon." I showed her the mask he had given me. She stroked the smooth face, and she looked through the eyeholes. I let her put it on me. She yawned, and laid in my lap. The Radio sat beside me, and played a melody. I listened twice, then put a little song to it.

Sleep, sweet Fire Princess,

Let your dreams take flight.

 Have sweet dreams tonight.

  I smiled, and thought of Ara. If only he could see her now. From a sweet 5/6 year old to a young fire weilding princess. I sighed. and sang a different tune twice. Everyone listened the second time.

Until the stars, have blinked their last,

Wherever on this earth you may walk,

My Valentine, my one dark fire,

Without whom, my soul would expire.

I realized this was true. I couldn't live fully without him. He had taken my heart with him when he left. Would he love me if he returned? Would he even recognize me, or little Jyll? I shook my head, and sighed. I ran my fingers through her hair, thinking of him. My one dark fire. The one I had almost dies for. Twice. No one had seen Drakath in his beast form. They were lucky. I would have ended up like that. I shuddered at the thought. I hoped he would be back soon.

The End

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