Another Good-bye

Leigh paced through the halls of the house, finding herself restless once again. Stupid mood swings, she grumbled to herself. It didn’t help that her extremities were becoming tingly. What in the world was going on? She stopped and stared at the blank space where her Motorcycle suit once hung.

“Where did my suit go?” Leigh’s voice rang out and she looked at those she could.

Blank or puzzled stares were all she got for a response. Sealantus gave a shrug to indicate he didn’t know. Leigh turned back to face the wall. It was as if her suit had never been there.

Um.. right, about that… Leigh blinked in shock to here her author’s voice after what had seemed like an eternity.

“What about it?” she whispered forcefully. Where had her author been, when she’d been having her melt down? Or when she’d gained powers, or…

Writing it all down, ninny!

Oh great, Leigh thought, now she’s calling me names. Her author heaved a big sigh.

Look, now about your suit and such. Leigh's author took a deep breath. It seems that Rewriting the Past is starting to catch up to you.

“What?” Leigh clapped a hand over her mouth, not having meant to say anything out loud.

Rewriting the Past, it’s the prequel I started for you with Corby and Geoff's authors.

Geoff? Leigh questioned, he hasn’t been around in ages. Why not Sealantus?

Because Sealantus wasn’t in love with you when I first got the idea. Her author gave an exacerbated sigh. Now if you will kindly let me finish without anymore interruptions.

Leigh nodded, but she was beginning to see where this might be going.

Okay so currently in Rewriting the Past you’re dead. No commenting! Leigh shut her mouth. Which means you and your motorcycle can’t be here because, right now, you souldn't exist. Now don’t worry Corby and Geoff will rescue you, but we have yet to see how well. So you’re likely to fade out of the Hideout soon.

“Like Ara,” Leigh sighed, “great.”

Well I thought I’d warn you, so you could say good-bye.

“And send Flamara and Fish Face into hysterics, right,” Leigh grumbled and made her way back to the living room. She flopped down on the couch next to Elric. Her focus shifted as she realized he was upset about something.

“Elric?” Leigh peered into his face. He slowly looked up at her.

“Corby’s dead and it’s all my fault,” he sobbed.

Leigh smiled. “Corby didn’t die, she left and she promised she’d be back.” Her face furrowed a moment. “Nathan died though. And it looks like I’m leaving.” Leigh examined her hands. They still tingled and were looking a bit thin. If she held them up towards a flame she could see right through them.

Standing Leigh looked around at everyone. “Well apparently I’m fading, so someone here has to start calling Sealantus Calamari Fish Face.”

She grinned wickedly at Sealantus then turned to Elric. “Can you do that for me?” He nodded puzzled.

“Good.” Leigh sighed, “So hopefully,” she gave the ceiling a good hard stare, “I’ll be coming back with Corby, or on my own, or something.” She began to make her rounds handing out hugs to all who would take them.

Take your time. Her author whispered you won’t go poof just yet.

The End

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