My Fault...

One eye opened first. All he could see was the dancing shadows of the fire on the wall. He wasn't paying anything any attention, just starring at the same spot wishing unconsciousness would find him again. Wasn't I doing something?

He started to recognize sounds. The gentle crackle of the fire, soft voices that seemed miles away, sobbing from somewhere. I wonder what happened?

He opened his other eye, sitting up slowly. He squinted in the dark, as no one had bothered to go down and flip the breaker... Or maybe it was fuses? Maybe we don't have fuses?

He turned groggily to see only a handful of people around him, and that's when the sobbing he'd been hearing finally pierced his mind. Something's gone wrong. Oh no, did somebody die?

He wracked his brain, trying to remember what he was doing. What was the last thing he'd done? He'd gone up into a room... Corby had been there. She'd been... Yelling at him? Why?

The gears in his head groaned to life, processing what was happening, trying to remember anything.

He'd... He'd been yelling at her too. Were we fighting? Yes. He remembered that a little. She'd slammed the door right before he passed out. But what were we fighting about?

He thought for several minutes before a painful cough rocked his entire upper body. The virus! I was researching a cure. I... I remember yelling something about saving our lives, trying to get her away before I passed out. The thoughts were slowly coming, though murky and groggy they may have been.

The one draw back to being a genius was, however, some times thoughts came too quickly. The sobbing in the background, people missing, Corby was sick and upset. His heart skipped a beat. She's gone. I've failed.

Somehow, in the instant he had realized this, tears were already on his cheeks, falling  to the couch, leaving small dark polka dot stains. I failed... I failed to make the cure... Her infection, that was my fault too. Her suffering, my fault. Her death, my fault. It's all... All my fault. It's my fault. My fault...

He shivered on the couch, the warmth of the fire doing nothing to ward off the goosebumps spreading over him. My fault...

The End

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