I stand outside the door of the room that Flamara had just walked into. I need to help. I walk forward and sit down. But, do I have enough life energy left to ressurect him.

All the sudden, everything seemed to stop. I turned around and saw the eyes of the person across the way, she was looking at something. I followed her gaze the the creature comming toward me.

It was large, about 6'4"; it had two red eyes; thousands of dark purple spikes riddled it's dark purple body; and it's twig arms reached towards me, attempting to kill me. It was at this time that I first murdered a creature in this house, such a sad day.

I unsheath both of my swords and light them aflame, and they become blades of fire. Then, time flows. I jump and kick the creature and it falls backwards. It begins to crawl away, but I won't let it. I kick it while it's down and it slides untill it hits the door. It manages to get up and open the door as I run after it. It tries to run, to get away, but no, I won't allow it.

I strike at it, cutting off a spike and blood spraying out, it screams in pain. But I don't care. The same bloodthirst that I felt when I was killing Charpaketos begins to fill me and the only thing that fills my head is the direction of my sword. Slash, slash, cut, stab, slash, jump, slash, slash, slash, stab, stab, stab, cut, slash. Then, I stop, and in a bloody heap lies the creature. It's blood is quickly soaked up by the thirsty earth and I turn around. I walk back to go inside, I extinquish my swords and sheath them. I then walk back to my chair.

I can kill, I can defeat, I am the ultimate power in heaven. Was, the ultimate power in heaven. So powerful I was able to ressurect even myself. But, now, with such little energy left, I think that if I was to ressurect him, I would die. But, such a sacrafice, would that put me back in favour? It did not matter anymore, I would do it for the satisfaction of knowing that I could.

I stand up, and I open the door, and I see her crying into her friend's arm.

"I can help."

She looks at me with a quizzical look on her face. I walk forward to her friend and I put my hands upon his chest.

"May God transform the energy of my life into the energy for his life."

I then feel pulsating waves of energy leaving me and entering Nathen. Then, I feel a dullness, my eyes roll and I loose my muscle strength. Then I fall, lying on the ground, and Nathen opens his eyes. Flamara finnally realizes what I did, and she hugs Nathen. But, she brushes against his neck and her everlasting fire falls off, and luckly, lands upon my chest. I then jolt awake and with a feeling of fire and power within me.

"I need to go to sleep."

I then roll over, put my head down, and sleep.

"Thank you" Flamara says.

The End

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