The Eternal Flame

I sighed. I stroked Luce's blade. "I don't know what he can do, apart from he probably knows more tricks than me, Sealantus and Leigh, since's he's my eldest brother, and I'm really sure why he wants you, but..."

"But what?"

"I have a few suspicions. You are either  are an extreamly powerful fallen angel, or you are a threat to him."

Why to him?" he asked.

"When he was draining me, I found that he came to 'talk' to Ara, my old love. He had fallen first for my  older sister, Suniria, and now I suspect he has fallen for his youngest sister; me. He sees you as a threat because...." I topped, and went red. He raaised an eyebrow, and waited for me to continue.

"Because I saved you twice, and you then saved me, he thinks that you have replaced what Ara was to me. You get what I'm saying?" I asked, going furiously red. He nodded.

I walked out of the room, and Raven followed me. I went into a small room made of obsidian. Black waxy candles lit the room with a soft flickering glow. I climbed the steps to the obsidian coffin with no lid. The inside was lined with blck velvet, and Nathen's head laid on my cloak, the one I had been wearing when I first met Nathen. The phoenix pendant still laid on his chest. I took his cold hand in mine. Rave came in behind me. "What is this place? he whispered.

"A place of sadness." I whispered back. I stroked his cheek, and then touched over his heart. I had taken the bullet out, cleaned the would, and put a different shirt on him. Raven came up beside me. Red tears slid down my cheeks, and I squeezed my eyes to usher away salty tears. "Was this Ara?" He whispered. I shook my head.

"This was Nathen. He was sweet, kind, he could talk, and probably the closest thing you could have to a true friend." I said tearfully. Raven left, and closed the door behind me. I knew no one knew where I had laid Nathen. They didn't know that I had moved him at all. I leaned over the side, and pressed my forehead to his. "Oh Nathen. I wish you were here with us. I miss you." I whispered with a choke. I thought for a moment. I pulled away gently, then pressed my lips gently to his cold ones. I stayed there for a moment, then pulled away. Leigh poked her head round the door. "Oh...its so beautiful." she breathed. She walked up the step to me, and jumped back when she saw Nathen's body. A tear fell from my cheek, and I caught it. It stayed in shape. I trapped a flame inside it. It did not evoraporate, or melt away. I threaded it onto a piece of clear elastic. I leaned it, and tied it around Nathen's neck. "The eternal flame." I whispered. Leigh knelt down, and hugged me. I cried into her arms.

What's the point of living....when you have nothing to live for? Ara, my love who left, and who I no longer love, but call a best friend. Corby, whom I loved as a sister who had left. Nathen, my best friend who died for his friends, who I began to love. I ask again. Wouldn't it be better to join them? In Death, the Unknown?   

The End

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