Crying Comfort

Leigh came into the kitchen where the new person, Raven was healing Flamara, no Kijjar; no that wasn’t it either. She sighed in frustration.

“Corby!”  Flamara uttered as she found her way back to life.

Kneeling on the floor next to her, Leigh placed her head in her lap. It seemed like forever ago she had done the same for Corby. Leigh stroked Flamara’s head.

“Hush, Corby said she’d be back,” Leigh told her. “We must trust Corby, as we have come to trust each other.”

Leigh looked into Flamara’s eyes. She could see despair echoed there. Helping Flamara up, Leigh lead her back into the well lit living room. Radio had stopped playing Irish tunes. Instead the phrase, “owner of a lonely heart,” wafted quietly to them. Leigh sat on the floor with Flamara.

“I know how you feel,” she whispered, “not long ago my heart too despaired of life.” Leigh hugged the woman tight, remembering her own feelings. “I know it wasn’t the same kind of despair, but I know that blackness, that darkness that sucks you in.”

Leigh brushed away Flamara’s hair again and took hold of her shoulders. Looking into her eyes she said, “You have danced with me, now cry with me, let out all the pain and anguish in your tears.”

Holding each other tight Fire and Ice cried with the same aching heart beat. True Leigh never had love and lost it, but she could empathize with Flamara. Imagining the loss of Sealantus, only made her cry harder.

The End

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