Saving a life that was not meant to be saved

Then, I felt a sudden feeling, a ping deep in my stomach. Someone's in trouble. But where? Out there, by the door, a being is dying!

I rushed out of my corner, bewildering Sealantus as much as Kian and the others. I unsheathed my twin swords and lit them aflame. I charged through the door to see Drakath, draining the life of the woman.

"No!" She looks so much like Kate. "Never touch her!"

I come down on Drakath hard, making sure to leave the woman unscathed. I slashed and slashed away at him.

"First you try to kill me, now you kill her!"

Slash and slash. The bloodlust showing in my eyes as my green eye gives a slightly reddish tinge. Slash, slash, swing, stab, parry, slash, slash! The movements feeling as easy as fighting Michael when he kicked me out of heaven. Slash, slash, swing, parry, slash, slash! Even though he did not have a weapon, I acted as if he did.

"You don't understand!" Said the beast, Drakath.

Slash, slash, swing, stab, slash, slash, parry, stab!

"Then make me! Teach me what is happening!"

Slash, slash, swing! Then, the coward, he disappeared. And my first priority became healing the woman.

I turn around, put out my flaming swords and sheath them. I fall at the woman's side and remembering a spell, I try for it.

"By the power of fire and heaven combined, I bind your power to her mind! Give her life and give her light, so that she will not die tonight!" God I hope this works.

I then feel the fiery bright light entering my system, and I lay my hands upon her. And she comes back to life, she takes a breath.`


The End

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