Tearing Out Your Hair

I stopped dancing. Corby had gone through to the hall, and the door slammed. Leigh was stood near me, crying, and her tears clinked on the floor as ice. I looked at her. "She's gone." she choked to me. No. No no no no no! First my love, now my best friend. I let out an animalistic roar that no human could have made. Kian looked at me with wide eyes, and backed away a little. I ran out of the room, down the hall to the kitchen.

Red sparks flew. I opened the door, and ran strait into my brother's arms. He was soft and human...for now. I did not attack him, or light a flame. Drakath held me close, shushing me. He had watched Corby leave, and has heard me coming. "I know about Ara. I know about Corby." Drakath whispered. He face was iluminated, and I looked into those deep purple eyes, so much like a storm. "This sort of this makes you wanna tear out your hair and heart, doesn't it? I know. i have felt the heartbreak myself." He continued. I nodded.

"I will give you sleep. Dreamless, delicious slumber." he said softly. I thanked him, and he held me close. With one hand, he let it drift in the air above my head, and I fell once more into oblivion.

The End

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