I'll be back, I promise

Corby smiled and lifted Elric onto the sofa, stuttering a cough. She sighed and watched everyone happily dancing.

Is it time to leave? she thought to her author.

I think it is Corby...if you would like to. He replied quietly. Corby looked around at all of her friends, standing.

But...i'm ill. I'll die if I leave. she admitted.

To be honest Corby, this house isn't saving you whatsoever. You won't die if you come outside, I'll write about you, change your future so you won't die.

Really? Corby asked in shock.

Of course. I don't really want you in here anymore. It's getting too dangerous. She looked around again. Leigh, Elric, Flamara. They'd still be there. All of them.

Maybe it was a good idea to leave. Maybe she should. She held Elric's hand tightly, then whispering, "Goodbye," walked over to Leigh and whispered the same thing. She immediatley stopped happy dancing and stared at her in shock. 

"Really?" she stuttered and Corby nodded. They held eachother in eachothers arms tightly then gently let go.

"I'll be back. I promise I'll be back." she said, determined.

Oh no you wont.

"I love you Leigh," she whispered.

"I love you too Corby." Leigh replied.

And with that, Corby walked through the dancing crowd, to the front door where she turned the knob and opened it. She turned to see Leigh, tears in her eyes. She smiled and mouthed a 'goodbye', then looked out to the snow.

She grabbed her coat and scarf, then ran into the snow, the door shutting behind her. She would miss this place, but she would be back.

She promised she would.

The End

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