Dear Friends...

As Kian spun around th room, it was like his leg had never been injured. He swirled me round again and again, making me laugh as much as he was. Sealantus was making friends with the fallen angel with the cool eyes. I heard Kian murmur, "I am the Lord of the Dance.", and I whispered back, "Too right you are." He grinned at me, and spun me round again. I let go of his hand, gave him a little bow of my head, and went to Raven. I smiled at him. He raised an eyebrow. I was still in my child form, from dancing with Kian. I laughed.

i looked into his eyes. "Wow. He has really nice eyes." I thought to myself. I smiled. I sighed, unsheathed Luce, and sliced right behind Raven's shoulder, chopping off a black claw coming towards him. Raven looked slightly confused. "It's because you're a fallen angel. Drakath, my brother, the King of Darkness wants you. Don't take it personally. Its because you were once in the light. As was I, because my fire is light." I explained to him. He gave a nod, and carried on talking to Sealantus.

I went to Kian, and he did a jig beside the Radio. He stopped, and the Radio started the music again. This time, I jigged. Kian looked at me happily. I had lots of dear friends, and thought it was strange, I didn't want to leave without them. Especially Leigh, Sealantus, Corby, and Kian. Wait...something wasn't right. Where was Geoff?!?! My dear friend who had risked his own life to save mine. Where was he? I he was not dead, but I couldn't remember seeing him come with us.

The End

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