I Wouldn't Sit There...

I danced with Kian till I noticed A guy walk in.  I helped Kian to sit down, and watched him sit in a corner. I changed into myself around his age. He sat in a dark corner near the books. The only place where it was dark. I gulped. I watched him pick up a book. "Guys, don't move. Radio, turn the music off." I said quietly. They did as told. The new guy looked up. I slowly walked towards him, looking just past his left shoulder. "Dude, give me your hand, and don't make any sudden movements. You really need to move. Trust me." I whispered. The guy didn't move. Leigh moved slowly over, and so did Sealantus. They could see what I saw.

I reached out my hand slowly. The guy stretched, and grabbed my hand. That was a mistake. Sealantus helped to pull him out the way as the black beast snapped its giant jaws shut around thin air. "What the?!" someone exclaimed. I pushed flame into the corner, making it lick the walls, but not burning, only getting rid of the dark Elemental there. The new guy just stared at the space. "Um...heheh, sorry about that. The Elemental was sent to watch us by my brother I think. He's trapped in the kitchen. At the moment." Sealantus said awkwardly.

The new guy, who I was sure was a fallen angel, just slumped on a chair. "I'm in this place for ten minutes, and something is already trying to kill me. Honestly!" he sighed. I gave a giggle. Leigh took my hand. "Radio, turn up the tunes!" she laughed.

I laughed as well. I explained to her how we were kind of half sisters now. She raised an eyebrow. "Well, let's dance, sis!" she giggled. "Honestly. Hyper!" I thought. The guy sat back in the corner, a flame floating near him as he read. I sighed, and hoped that he wouldn't have to stay in the mad house long. The house didn't want to ruin people's lives. It was just how it was.

The End

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