"Is there any place for a fallen angel to dwell. I get sent upon a mission to save all of the universe and I end up fallen. Good grief, God truly works in mysterious ways." Raven lamented as he walked up the pathway to the house.

He looked up and saw the house and smiled, truly this will be a place for me to dwell, he thought. And he walked on forward toward the door.

He grasped the doorknob and then thought to himself. Hmm, maybe the five are beyond this door. Mocking me and waiting for me to enter where they will trap me and throw me into some ocean with carp, or worse yet, goldfish!

But, then he summoned the courage to turn the doorknob and walked in.

"Whoah, crowded. Definately, none of you are the five." And so Raven walked about, and hid in a corner. He turned to see a bookcase and picked a book off. Hmm, I will read this.

The End

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