A Good Dance

I smiled at Corby's slightly shocked expression. I stood, and said, "Can you look after him on your own?" She nodded. I went out of the room, and into the kitchen. I closed the door, so the only light I had was my fire. In the darkness, something hissed, then gave a soft groan. Long, sharp fingers showed in my light. I took the hand hesitantly. I saw my eldest brother's face contorted by sadness and anger.

"Oh, brother, what have these year done to you?" I sighed. Drakath began to growl. I let go of him, and locked the kitchen door once I was out. I ran into the living room. I wrapped Kian's bandage a little tighter, then secured it. I used melted ice to mix with plaster, and I moulded it round Kians bandage. I smiled once I had finished. I let a little flame dry it.  Once it had dried, I pulled Kian up, and put him on a chair. I made the flames brighter, and the whole room was lit. I took Leigh's hands, and pressed then together. little bubbles of light, brighter then the others, drifted around the room.

I found the Radio, and it began to play a living jig of a song. Kian looked pained, and her tapped his good foot to the rythme. Leigh and Sealantus laughed as they danced round the room. I took Kian's hands, and turned into a girl around his age. I pulled him up, and put the leg with the cast on one of my own feet. I was strong, and he seemed light as a feather, so when we danced to the jig, we were fast and lively. Kian laughed happily, with the thought of dancing again. Then, the Radio slowed down slightly, into a happy but soft song. I whispered in Kian's ear. "If your leg doesn't get better, I will give you limbs of fire. You are an excellet dancer." That made him blush a little.

I laughed, and so did Kian, as the jig started back up. "Oh, there's nothing like a good dance to get you feeling better!" Sealantus cried. I agreed with him whole heartedly. Everyone had forgotten about Ara. Apart from Leigh, Sealantus, Jyll, and me. i had to be happy. He was somewhere better. He had forgotton all about me. I knew it. But I didn't mind. I would be happy with Kian, and Leigh and all the others. But us four would not forget. 

The End

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